Supply of Industrial Generators
Manufactured and Supplied Fryers
Extractor fans
Compressor piping, industrial piping, gate valves, dryers, receivers, pipe welding and drawing etc.
Tornados: The Ultimate Turbine Roof Ventilators
Ducted: Evaporative Coolers
Ducted: Evaporative Coolers
Electric Box
Wall Extractor Fans
Inline Axial Extractor Fans
High Volume Air Movers Fan
TD Extractor Fan: Ideal for Toilets & Smoking Areas
Turbo Vent/Whirly Birds & Ducting in Installation Process
Square To Round Duct
Square: Externally
Insulated Ducting
Square Duct: Internally
Round: Externally Insulated Ducting
Square To Round Duct
Tilting Pan: Ideal For Any Mass Cooking – 7 Weeks Delivery Period
Oil Jacketed Pot: Ideal For Mass Cooking- 7 Weeks Delivery Period
Manufacturers of Acoustic Louvers – For Noise Control